Small Scrappy Suncatcher - Orange

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Product Description

When you're a stained glass artist, eventually your windows become rather full of your own suncatchers. Once I couldn't fit any more "larger" suncatchers, I decided to start making my Window Jewels - palm-sized (or smaller) versions of my Scrappy Suncatchers that are petite enough to squeeze into the spaces between their larger "cousins!" The challenge, of course, is to *stay* nice and small - it's always tempting to add "just one more piece" until suddenly my intended Window Jewel is a bit bigger than I planned...

This Window Jewel features glasses in shades of orange, with some clears to help break it up. This suncatcher features stained glass scraps from the glassmakers Kokomo and Spectrum, a couple pieces of Moretti glass rods, and a vitreous tile! The iridized surface of the clear glass scrap is even *more* colorful in person!

Small Scrappy Suncatcher - Orange

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