Upcycled Belt Bracelet #4 (SMALL)

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Product Description

Several years ago, when I got back into etching metal, I had a lot of friends requesting unisex bracelets combining leather and metal - with a little something special to set them apart. To satisfy that challenge, I looked around for a supply of nicely-finished, sturdy leather. I found exactly what I was looking for in old leather belts found at the thrift store (and occasionally donated by friends!)

To create the etched brass portion of my Upcycled Belt Bracelets, I transfer a pattern to the prepared surface of a brass strip using a variety of resist materials, then submerge it in Ferric Chloride. After an average of an hour in the acid, I remove the blank and clean it of any remaining resist and acid residue. The brass piece is then shaped, punched, and finally antiqued to bring out the pattern etched by the acid. Because the process of etching is somewhat imprecise, I never quite know what kinds of details and background textures will emerge in the portions of the metal exposed to the acid! The brass is then sewn to the leather with strong cording which doubles as the closure when it is wrapped around the two buttons. The whole piece is then formed into a cuff-style bracelet, which I know from personal experience can survive significant wear and tear!

This SMALL bracelet is etched with a portion of a star map of the night sky that includes both Draco and Regulus (I sometimes call this the "Slytherin Star Chart"), which is then paired with a black leather. The piece is assembled using gray cording, antique silver colored metal buttons, and a ceramic bead. The leather is approximately 1.25" (3.2 cm) wide, while the brass is .75" (1.9 cm) wide.

In general my bracelets come in two UNISEX "sizes":
SMALL - which fits a wrist anywhere from 5" - 7" (12.7 cm - 17.75 cm)
LARGE - which fits wrists a wrist anywhere from 7" - 9" (17.75 cm - 22.9 cm)
If you need a bracelet to fit a larger or smaller wrist, we can absolutely do so as a custom order!

The upcycled belt leather I use often has a nice vintage "well-worn" look (some of them could even be described as "downright beat up"), but this should not be seen as a flaw in the material, rather as part of each piece's unique character!

For custom orders, I have the ability to etch almost any black & white "line art" image, including text, into the brass - with the exception of copyright-protected images or characters. If you have an idea for something you would like made specifically for yourself, please contact me so we can discuss your ideas!

Upcycled Belt Bracelet #4 (SMALL)

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