The Lady & the Gambler

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Product Description

Lady Luck is the boon companion of every Gambler, and Her favor can make or break a game of chance!

This small 8" square mirror (hung "on point") is assembled from a collection of monochrome, earthy, and metallic glass scraps and other glass objects in a 2.5" border. Among the many glass makers represented are Spectrum, Bullseye, Uroboros, Glue Chip, Wissmach, and Kokomo. I have finished this mirror with an antique copper finish to compliment the warm tones of the glasses throughout.

As the Lady looks on, Her face hidden coquettishly behind Her fan, the Gambler contemplates their cards - could that be a Royal Flush in the making? All around, the Gears that drive the Wheel of Fortune are ever turning...

This is one of those times where a little snippet of a story naturally suggested itself to me as I was assembling the seemingly random bits & bobs into a finished piece. Is it perhaps a sign of the Lady's Hand at work for me?

The Lady & the Gambler

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