Scrappy Pendant #5

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Product Description

A friend of mine suggested that I should try and find a way to make my stained glass small enough to be worn as jewelry, and that's just what I did to make my Scrappy Pendants!

Using the same freeform technique as I do for my Magic Mirrors and Scrappy Suncatchers, I solder together one or two scraps of glass with nuggets and other special bits to create pendants that average around 1.5" - 2" across. This pendant features glass in black, iridized black, and shades of amber and brown, with a vitreous tile as an accent. A coil of copper wire adds a quirky twist to this piece!

Even though they are small, my Scrappy Pendants pack a good wallop of sparkly style!

*** Please Note:
As they are intended to be worn as jewelry pieces, I make my Scrappy Pendants using a Lead-Free solder. All pendants come with a waxed cotton neck cord for immediate wearability.

These Scrappy Pendants can also be adapted into many custom projects, including such items as ceiling fan pulls, fully-beaded necklaces, Corset Charms (for my corset-wearing friends), hatband "bling", and that's just the start!

Scrappy Pendant #5

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