Fairy Window Suncatcher #1

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Product Description

My Fairy Window Suncatchers were born of a love of the dozens (if not more!) of textures available in clear (colorless) glass! Many of these textures also come with the option of an iridized finish which gives them an extra shimmer of ephemeral color!

I wanted to create a "modular" design that could be made to any size, and so I came up with the idea of simple squares and rectangles which can be combined in an infinite number of ways! To add stability to an otherwise weak design (straight lines are always weak points in stained glass), I decided to finish the entire outside edge with a wrapping of twisted 20 gauge copper wire which is fully soldered to the edges of the glass.

This Art Strip features art glasses from the glassmakers Kokomo and Spectrum, architectural clears, all of which are combined with glass nuggets. Brass stampings with a Steampunk motif of gears and an antique copper patina add the finishing details.

The iridized glass looks even *more* colorful in person!

Fairy Window Suncatcher #1

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